Why utilize AI for the blockchain technology?

Artificial Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic lately, hence we wanted to look at the key benefits of AI use in the blockchain technology.

Why AI

Libonomy blockchain utilized Artificial Intelligence at it’s core, but what exactly is the benefit of that:

  • Make Autonomous Decisions
  • Expand in Complex Environments
  • Optimize Network
  • Predict Security Issues

Current blockchain systems aren’t able to take autonomous decisions; that means that all of them need to be pre-programmed; every decision, every action need to be pre-set.

We are enabling blockchain to make autonomous decisions in terms of distributing resources, upgrading and ensuring security on the basis of analyzing the system. That means that the system can live on it’s own without a need of constant monitoring.

Another important aspect is ability to expand in complex environments with a lot of variables while running the network in optimal way.

And lastly, by using AI we are able to predict some security issues before they even occur, which leads to us (or rather the AI engine) being able to make according security adjustments to prevent them.

More information on https://libonomy.com

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