Cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have been some of the most trending topics in 2020 and early 2021. As the most well known cryptocurrency Bitcoin is peeking, people are getting attracted to digital assets more than ever.

As many of you already know, Bitcoin’s journey started at a couple of cents and now it’s worth more than 45000 USD, that’s amazing, but you might have a feeling that you missed your opportunity. And you may be right, but luckily there are other options where you can invest early and take in huge profits over this year.

But not everyone understands what they need to look for, and how to determine if the project is going to be successful or not. Cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is still very new, but there is an upside to it — many areas of blockchain use have yet to be explored which open doors for you to become an early adopter.

Look for a project that does something that is needed and others can’t do it.

Libonomy offers a new open-source platform that developers and business owners can use to build different kinds of solutions for finance, education, governments, health care, data storage, supply chain management and others.

Key blockchain characteristics

Blockchain technology comes with key characteristics and key features. However, many blockchains today sacrifice some of these characteristics to improve others, this might be fine for a specific use case, but can not be used as a universal solution.


As in any network, one of the main concepts is the network’s speed — network has to be able to facilitate all the users’ activities on it.

Libonomy is the fastest blockchain in the industry, and Libonomy’s speed will keep increasing as the network grows.

Functionality and Usability

Since the start of blockchain technology, they have been built separate from one another, this is perfectly fine in some areas, but a huge obstacle in others like finance and health care.

Libonomy is the first project that is able to directly communicate with all blockchains, without a need for a middle man.


Most of the blockchains are built using known templates, but no matter which template is used, there are a set of known issues with all of them.

Libonomy uses a new artificial intelligence controlled engine that eliminates all security concerns.


Technology’s growth is evaluated based on how well it can expand in a real world environment. Many blockchains promise great theoretical performance, but it’s never met using real world computers.

Libonomy offers the industry’s fastest blockchain network while inviting everyone to join, even low-end computers.

Future improvements

When your phone gets old you go to a store and buy a new one, this is perfectly fine with phones and many other things, but not so much with a database network. Data immutability is one of the benefits of blockchain technology, but it’s also one of the burdens.

Unlike any other blockchain, Libonomy is continuously adapting with the growth of the network and advancements in the technology.


There are many different blockchain and crypto currency projects available in the industry right now, but there is no one that technologically stands close to Libonomy blockchain.

Libonomy is a huge leap forward, it is one universal solution that can be used in any blockchain project, it’s fast, it’s completely secure, and the artificial intelligence engine makes sure the technology is going to be as competitive in 10 years as it is right now.

To learn more about Libonomy, visit Libonomy website.

The industry’s fastest blockchain to provide developers and businesses with an efficient and interoperable environment to create and run decentralized solutions

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