Libonomy 101, learn what the Libonomy blockchain is and how it differs from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Cosmos and other blockchains.

Libonomy — The Next Generation Blockchain

Libonomy blockchain

Libonomy is an all-around improved, AI-driven general purpose blockchain. It’s fast, energy efficient and low cost. It connects other blockchains together and serves as a universal solution to create any private, public or hybrid blockchain project. Libonomy simplifies the user experience with easy-to-use tools for people without prior blockchain knowledge and provides a variety of services for developers to realize their maximum potential.

  • Fits any blockchain project
  • High transaction speed
  • Cross chain communication
  • Advanced security system
  • Constant network improvements
  • Dynamic, forkless upgrades


Libonomy project was started in early 2018 by Richard Haverinen, Fredrik Johansson and Therese Johansson, three Swedish entrepreneurs…

The founders of Libonomy are proud to present the new board member — Rami Avidan! Previously a CEO of Deutsche Telekom’s IoT business and a CEO of Tele2 IoT, he has taken upon a new challenge — to improve the interconnectivity of Libonomy and strive for blockchain’s mass adoption.

Always interested in Artificial Intelligence and connectivity in the financial fields, Rami immediately became interested in the Libonomy blockchain that is using its own AI engine called Aphelion and is working on connecting various blockchains, becoming a bridge between them. …

Peter Davin, a former board member and CEO of many companies, including Visma, HIQ and Cryptzone, has been elected as the chairman of the board at RZ Capital Holding AB, the holding company of Libonomy, by its founders Fredrik Johansson, Richard Haverinen and Therese Johansson.

With more than 30 years of experience in leading companies in security and software fields, transforming ideas into projects of global size, Peter emphasizes the need for security and encryption when transferring data. …

With blockchain technology becoming a significant part of our everyday lives, it would only be fair that the possibility to benefit from it should also be available to everyone. That is what Libonomy has done with our One Click smart contracts — now you can make your own crypto token within minutes without any prior knowledge.

The whole system has been tailored for the average user so that it is possible to customize and create a crypto token without having specific knowledge about computers or coding. All you need to do is to set the name and few other parameters…

In this article, we will introduce you to the new generation blockchain technology, which is aimed at improving the main principles of the blockchain and at popularizing the technology among all areas of business. You will learn on what principles the Libonomy blockchain works, and, most importantly, in which areas of the industry it can be applied to get more benefits.

To understand in which areas you can apply the technology from Libonomy, you need to understand the principles of the Libonomy network. The fundamental difference between Libonomy and other blockchains that allow you to build DAPPs and create smart…

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have been some of the most trending topics in 2020 and early 2021. As the most well known cryptocurrency Bitcoin is peeking, people are getting attracted to digital assets more than ever.

As many of you already know, Bitcoin’s journey started at a couple of cents and now it’s worth more than 45000 USD, that’s amazing, but you might have a feeling that you missed your opportunity. And you may be right, but luckily there are other options where you can invest early and take in huge profits over this year.

But not everyone understands what they…

Aphelion Consensus

Aphelion is AI-governed blockchain consensus algorithm which, the same as any other consensus algorithms, is used to consistently reach an agreement about the state of the blockchain between different participants on a blockchain network. However, Aphelion, opposite to other consensus algorithms, is not a trade-off system — it represents a solution for issues with speed, cost, security, decentralization, efficiency, scalability and the lack of interoperability without introducing any drawbacks.

Aphelion is a consensus engine used in Libonomy blockchain, but it presents characteristics to be used in developing all blockchains in future.

Key features:

• Autonomous — Artificial intelligence engine makes decisions to…

Blockchain thanks to its decentralized nature alongside its immutability and transparency serves a significant role in distributing duties and tasks across vast networks. It is a technology that is growing rapidly, every day maintaining countless distributed databases. Enabling file sharing and transferring through blockchain can open many doors towards unlimited growth potential for the technology — it can completely revolutionize the way file sharing is seen.

Instead of uploading on a third-party platform and downloading through it, files can be shared from node to node on a decentralized network without any risks or security vulnerabilities. Third party platforms are always…

Libonomy’s project is to reinvent the way digital platforms are used today!
-Fredrik Johansson

As the world is rapidly moving towards further digitalization, we at Libonomy want to make sure that technology can sustain all the needs of society and the transition is as seamless as possible.

Libonomy blockchain

Libonomy is a next-generation interoperable, autonomous blockchain powered by an Artificial Intelligence-based consensus engine. The AI engine allows a secure, decentralized, automated, and scalable platform that has been able to overcome all the weaknesses of earlier blockchain technologies.

One Click Smart Contracts

Libonomy enables blockchain community to build smart contracts without any prior knowledge of blockchain technology.

There are multiple reasons that set Libonomy apart from any other similar technology — Janis Aperjots, operations manager at Libonomy

The best if we categorize them:

· Scalability
· Security
· Usability

We are introducing a completely new multi-layer consensus engine; by utilizing AI within the core we are able to not only optimize the consensus process, but also highly improve security.

Scalability is affected by multiple factors, we want to point out few that are highly important in our opinion – how fast is the network, how well the technology works with other similar ones and how good is…


The industry’s fastest blockchain to provide developers and businesses with an efficient and interoperable environment to create and run decentralized solutions

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